Every word counts

The Invisible Hand

The Invisible Hand


American Banker Nick Bright knows that his freedom comes at a price. Confined to a cell within the depths of rural Pakistan, every second counts. Who will decide his fate? His captors, or the whims of the market?

Pulitzer Prize winning journalist and playwright Ayad Akhtar’s intense political thriller lays bare the raw, unfettered power of global finance in this fast-moving, contemporary play directed by the Tricycle’s Artistic Director Indhu Rubasingham (A Wolf In Snakeskin Shoes, Multitudes, Handbagged, Paper Dolls, Red Velvet).

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Wed 8 Jun 2016, 7:30pm

Captioned by Stagetext

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Tricycle Theatre
269 Kilburn High Road

Phone: 020 7328 1000

Email: access@tricycle.co.uk

Website: Tricycle Theatre

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