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Captioning at your venue

Stagetext has wide experience of captioning in theatres and is happy to offer advice and guidance to anyone wanting to use its services or set up their own captioning service.

An in-house captioning service should demonstrate the principles of good practice so as to ensure the best possible experience for audiences.

Caption unit position

Ideally, an appropriate and comfortable position for the caption unit is either in the set or as close to the action as possible so that deaf and hard of hearing audiences don’t have to keep moving their head from side to side.

We are happy to offer technical support, including advice on captioning hardware, firmware and interfaces, captioning software options and appropriate positioning of the caption unit in your theatre.

Site visits

Once you have agreed a date for your first captioned performance, Olivia, our Theatre Programme Manager, will be happy to visit you to discuss the best position for the caption unit(s) and advise which seats to hold back for caption users.


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